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Indulge in a life long dream to own a piano from a legendary piano artisan or introduce a beginner the chance to play on one. A piano from Piano Arts is an investment and a joy you'll appreciate for years!

A new piano will make your heart sing

Available Pianos


Baldwin; Traditional; Mahogany

Baldwin; Modern; Walnut

Baldwin; French Provincial; Mahogany

Hammond; Traditional; Dark Mahogany

Cable; Hepplewhite; Walnut

Everett; Hepplewhite; Mahogany

Everett; Traditional; Walnut

Hardman; Traditional; Walnut

Hobart M. Cable; Traditional; Walnut

Hobart M. Cable; Early Am; Cherry

Lowrey; Traditional; Walnut

Lowrey; Italian Provincial; Walnut

Lowrey; Country French; Cherry

Knabe; Traditional; Walnut

Packard; Traditional; Cherry

Steck; Sheraton; Walnut

Story & Clark; Mediterranean; Pecan

Story & Clark; Hepplewhite; Cherry



Fisher; 5’ French Provincial; Cherry

Steck; 4’10” Mahogany; Rebuilt

Vose; 5’ Rosewood; Restrung

Chickering; 5’ 3” Mahogany; Restrung

Knabe; 5’ 4” Mahogany; Rebuilt

Steinway “M” 5’7” Dark Mahogany

Steinway “M” 5’7” Dark Mahogany; Restrung

Steinway “0” 5’10” Mahogany; Restrung

Mason & Hamlin BB 7’ Ebony; Restrung