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You should never have to choose between a well-tuned piano and your family budget.


We are as committed to keeping our rates competitive and affordable as we are to providing quality workmanship.

Nothing is more discordant and inharmonious than an instrument that is out of tune, and even a single wrong note can bring an otherwise heavenly melody crashing down. Call today to schedule service and let our experts keep your music right on tune.

Your piano might be one of the largest investments your family has made – make sure you are getting the most out of it by keeping it in tune, properly voiced, and in top playing condition. Take your first step to self-expression and creativity with our piano.

Keeps your piano sounding great

Don't let a single note ruin your melody

Schedule your piano tuning today.


Get affordable quality for your piano

•   Piano tunings

•   Voicing

•   Minor action repair

•   Home, business, and convert

     venue visits

•   Key replacements

•   Minor wood repairs

Complete tuning and piano service

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